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    Digitization and Collaboration

    Innovation often emerges from adversity. This also applies to psychological research, where the tools, procedures, and workflows necessary to answer a question may not exist, may not be readily found, or are not available. Nonetheless, within the research community, there exists a vast amount of openly available resources and collective knowledge that is potentially useful to others but is typically only shared informally.

  • Special Collection

    Careers in Times of Crisis

    This special issue will focus on careers and their context during times of crisis. We welcome well-crafted empirical and theoretical contributions. Submitted papers can directly refer to the Covid-19 crisis, to more long-term crisis, as the climate change, or more generally refer to new developments after such a type of crisis and focus on individual careers, changes in forms of work, flexible working, development of atypical work, or the use of technology in work.

  • Special Collection

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